How to choose Yoga Centre in Rishikesh?

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For travellers, who have traversed the world to reach India, with the main goal of learning Yoga, the decision to choose from the number of Yoga schools available is a big challenge. Given the modern means of advertising and influencing online customers, making the right decision is difficult. However, experts suggest that while making the decision to choose the right Yoga school, learners should keep the following points in mind:

  1. Course Duration : The course duration should be your number one priority. Learning Yoga takes time and you must have a fair idea of how long your course will take to finish. The course duration will determine the duration of the trip and you should get a Visa for the same. One should also ascertain that the course keeps to it’s duration without any extensions since that will delay your trip and may cause problems with Visa.
  2. Course Type : The types of courses available for Yoga learners are infinite. Long term, short term, summer course, autumn courses, meditation, different types of Yoga, etc. Look for a school that offers what you require. Contact them and see how well they respond or if they’re willing to adjust the course duration according to your schedule since time is a valuable aspect for foreign students.
  3. Course Instructor : Your course instructor should be an expert but should also be empathetic towards students. You should be able to contact them easily and keep a check on your progress. This will keep you posted about the benefits that you are deriving from the course. Your course instructor need not be your best friend but should be approachable and should understand the issues that bother you.
  4. School Location : According to your personal choice, look for a school that is situated comfortably within the perimeters of the city. A lot of schools are secluded and situated such that driving or walking to the market for supplies or towards the hostel/hotel. You should decide if you want to stay on campus or on your own. Then look for an accessible school so that commute doesn’t take much of your time. Of course, your budget plays an important role in the decision, so keep that in mind.
  5. Course Fees : Yoga classes are priced according to the type of Yoga and the duration of the course, also your knowledge of Yoga is also crucial in determining the fees for the course. Almost all basic Yoga courses are cheaper than specific courses. Also, basic Yoga is easy to teach and instructors are easily available but specialised courses require experts that are rare and costly. So, before joining any course it helps to compare the fees of the course among the schools offering it and then making an informed decision.

These are the parameters that are crucial in helping beginners or learners coming to India to learn Yoga, in making an effective decision.

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