Ten Reasons for Choosing Ayurveda

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In this era of high-end fertilizers and pesticides being used to increase the productivity of food, the effects can be seen in an increased rate of cancer patients, low immunity and mental illnesses. Chemicals in food are easily absorbed by the human body where they wreak havoc upon the internal systems. The body absorbs these harmful chemicals and it thus reaches vulnerable and important organs like the heart, lungs, brain, etc. The reaction of these chemicals upon the body can be seen in the processes of the body. As people gain knowledge about these harmful chemicals they become aware of the side effects and readily switch to an organic, Ayurvedic diet. Listed below are ten reasons why you should immediately switch to Ayurveda skin care products and completely remove chemical-based products from your life and home:

1. Chemicals harm health: It is common knowledge now that chemical-based products like makeup, skincare, baby care, food, etc. are extremely harmful for the body. Direct contact with chemicals like SLS or SLES or Parabens are known to cause skin degradation and even cancer. These chemicals are commonly found in Shampoos, Conditioners, Face Cream, Lotion, etc. 

2. Chemicals cause diseases: Long term usage of chemical products weakens the immune system of the body. This leads to a susceptibility to diseases. Thus, a healthy human can soon be a disease-ridden person due to the exposure to chemicals. 

3. Chemicals cause Long-term loss: Chemicals in products like skin whitening cream, hair removal cream, hair masks, face powder, lipsticks enter the body and then enter the bloodstream and harms crucial organs. 

4. Chemicals give short-term benefits: Chemicals immediately act upon the skin to show effective results. This may attract the buyer but you should know that it will degrade the quality of your skin. It will also be short term since the moment you stop using the product the effects fade out and the skin is left rough and raw. 

5. Chemicals cost more: Quite surprisingly, even though India has a culture of using homemade masks and packs, yet chemical-based products are sold at profitable amounts. Ayurvedic products are easily available here and are more effective and cheaper than foreign brands. 

6. Chemicals damage skin: The worst outcome of using a chemical-based product is that it tarnishes the skin and burns it. To give results, chemically enhanced creams remove the protective layer of the skin and severely damages it. 

7. Chemically based products contain preservatives: Preservatives are another class of chemicals that are added to increase the shelf life of products. Ayurvedic products have a shorter shelf life and are produced regularly, this is why you can be sure that you’re using a fresh batch. But with products containing preservatives, it is difficult to determine the correct date of production since they can be stored for long. 

8. Chemicals cause an allergic reaction: Products containing chemicals are more prone to cause allergic reactions, skin outbreaks, and rashes. People with sensitive skin should avoid using chemical products since it will definitely make their skin more vulnerable and prone to acne. 

9. Chemicals cause tanning: A lot of chemicals lighten the skin tone on application but react with sunlight or natural light to cause tanning of the skin. This tanning is not healthy since the reaction takes place on the epidermal layer. The tanning is permanent and can be seen clearly. 

10. Chemicals affect health: Chemicals definitely harm the health of a person. It affects the well-being of a person and causes numerous issues to the body of the consumer. 

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