Organic Products In India


Organic products are quickly gaining prevalence among the educated and aware generation. People are shunning chemical-laden food and products and are instead opting for organic, the farm produces for their daily consumption and usage. The reasons are:

1. Chemicals delay the rotting of products and increase the shelf life but cause damage to organs.

2. Excessive chemicals give instant results but are derogatory to health over the long term. 

3. Most chemicals are recognized as carcinogens and are harmful to health. 

4. Chemicals mask the natural effects of the products and react with some to produce toxic substances. 

Not only organic food, but people are also now looking for chemical-free shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, makeup products, etc. We agree that organic products tend to show effects at a later period but they don’t harm our bodies. The results are late but no side effects can be seen, thus organic products are gaining demand in the market. 

This rise in demand has led to many industries producing goods that are based on organic products and are gained locally. The companies have stern regulations to ensure that no chemicals are introduced to the finished product at any stage, thus maintaining the quality of the product. The end product has a smaller shelf-life but is eco-friendly and safe for usage. 

The industries that manufacture organic products follow strict regulations and adheres to them faithfully in order to produce reliable and quality products. The ingredients are sourced from farms that grow natural crops without the aid of any chemical or hormone to increase productivity or defend the crops from pests. Natural manure and neem oil are used to provide nourishment and act as a natural pesticide. This enhances the quality of crops since they have little to no exposure to harmful chemicals. 

Dietitian and Dermatologists have increasingly started to recommend and prescribe ayurvedic skincare products to their customers since it heals and provides better long term results. This vogue of resorting to organic products has led to more people growing their own food or else resorting to buying labeled products that assure organic ingredients. The demand for organic has led to companies stressing on the usage of only organic ingredients which in turn has led farmers to stop or minimize the chemical usage in their farms. This has also benefitted the environment since other organisms in nature, too, are saved from this exposure to harmful chemicals. Organic products are immediately absorbed by the skin and our body because of no chemical content. For a chemical-laden product, the body has to work double to recognize and eliminate the harmful chemicals but organic products are quickly broken down into their constituents and absorbed wholly. 

Thus, using organic is beneficial for the person, as well as for the environment.

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