How To Eliminate Common House Pests in Simple Methods

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The advantages of having your own home are many. You can take one single example and the best one. The place ensures the safety of family members, and it is a space where you return after a hard day’s work. But are there only advantages in having your own home? Then what about the challenges such as maintenance and pest control? While home maintenance is easy such as cleaning the floors and washing the curtains, pest control is difficult. You need to adopt certain strict measures to throw the pests out of your home. In this article, let us discuss how to eliminate common house pests in simple methods. And what are the simple pests you can visualize in a mere five seconds? Spiders, houseflies, ants, bed bugs, mosquitoes and of course, termites. We will discuss every pest in this article.


Are you an individual who swears on environment protection and natural resources? Do you have kids or pets in your home? Then please do not use chemicals to ward off any pest. As an alternative, you can use DIY methods to remove the simple pests from your home.

1. How To Eliminate Common House Pest – Mice/Rodents

For pests to survive, they need food and shelter. For mice and rodents, leftover or spoilt food in dustbins are their main source. And yes, the uncleaned dark dusty spots in a home serve as shelter. If you want to remove mice or rodents, then the best way is to first eliminate their food source.

Do you have cracks or holes in the house wall or compound? Then seal them with steel wool or cement. Then they will not be able to enter the house.

2. How To Eliminate Common House Pest – Ants

At a normal stance, ants are classified into two types. If you are a normal householder, you will classify them as the biting ants and non-biting ants. Even for these tiny creatures, food is the main source of survival. And yes, the shelter also plays a major part. You must have seen, in the rainy season, the black ants come out in large numbers from their nest carrying their eggs to a safe place from rainwater.

Do you face ant problems in the kitchen? Then there is the DIY method. You can make a powder line of black pepper, salt or cayenne pepper on the infected areas. There are also options to draw the line with chalk. In India, the chalk is called as Lakshman Rekha.

If your home has become a stay for the biting ants (red colored) then make use of herbs to repel their entry. Some examples are rue, mint or pennyroyal plant. If you feel the pest ants are making their way via the window, then make use of cloth sprinkled with eucalyptus oil to wipe the sills.

3. How To Eliminate Common House Pest – Cockroaches

Do you know, these unwanted creatures can move around without food for a week. But without water? No chance. They will shift their area. So, if you have come to a home infested with cockroaches, then first cut out the water source. These pests can found out puddles of water in the bathroom or restroom. And maybe, this is the reason, elders in the India family do not leave unwashed dishes in the kitchen sink at night.

To prevent cockroaches from entering the cupboards or dark areas, ensure that the environment contains substances to prevent these pests. For example, ends of cucumber fruit, you can leave in the cupboard. The other herbs, which can make cockroaches go to a retreat are dried pyrethrum daisies and vanilla beans.

4. Clothes and Accessories

If your spouse is also a working professional, then ensure to wash clothes and accessories at least once in fifteen days. The accessories mean the clothing in the windows, doors, and cupboards. Some examples are toiletries, plastic bags, and towels. This is one of the simple methods to keep the bed bug and other pests at bay.

5. Fix Leaks

Do you have a toilet which is located outside? Then ensure that the door is kept locked. You do not want rodents and mice to make a home. Also, kindly check if the pipes and taps are in proper order. If you have taken the decision to prevent cockroaches from growing in large numbers, then fix the leakage in the tap. Or the cockroaches will find their source of water to breed a new population.

6. Store Food In Air-Tight Containers

There is one place the pests such as ants, houseflies, and cockroaches can find food. Did you make a guess? You are right, It is the kitchen. It is always advisable to store food in airtight boxes or plastic sheets. The reason, if you are putting raw fruits in the open, fruit flies will descend and start feeding on them. If the same fruits are eaten by any human being, they may suffer from infection.

7. Pests From Outside

Yes, pests always come from outside the home. But do you know they can come attached to your baggage or from the grocery shop? So, before allowing any food item or material into the house, kindly do a thorough check. If you have bought a new sofa and it is getting delivered to your home, make a thorough check before allowing it a space in the living room.


8. Outside Part Of Your Home

Do you have branches that touch the roof or ceiling of your home? Then trim them or cut them. They should not act as a conduit for squirrels or termites to come into your home. Do you have an old home? Then ensure to put proper chimney caps so that the bugs, spiders, and birds do not make the place their home.

9. How To Eliminate Common House Pest – House Flies

The best way to get rid of them is to give them an easy outside exit from the home. You can cover any type of food item with meshes to keep their food sources out of reach. And yes, wipe out the stain from sweets in case of a spill. The sweet odor can draw house flies by the dozen.

10. How To Eliminate Common House Pest – Spiders

They might be small or tiny, but for some, they give the creeps. The spiders seldom harm humans and are effective for removing other pests such as ants and insects. And after all, who does not love the famous cartoon character, Spider-Man? But in real life, a home with spider webs is considered old and unclean. To keep them at bay, ensure that you clean or vacuum the ends of the room with equipment or a broomstick. Consistency on cleaning the ends of the room and ceilings will deter pests from entering your home.

11. How To Eliminate Common House Pest – Mosquitoes

How will you feel when fast asleep, and you get awake by a mosquito making sound near the ear? You want to destroy the entire clan of mosquitoes by your own hands. Right? But mosquitoes are more than just pests. They carry diseases by the dozen such as malaria, West Nile Virus and all. The best way to eradicate them is to remove stagnant water resources such as water on the bucket and maintenance of swampy areas.

If you keep small bowls of water for bird baths, ensure to clean them every two days. The same goes for pet dishes with water.


Are you allergic to the use of chemical repellent for the mosquitoes? Then try the natural chemicals which have picaridin, a derivative of the pepper plant.

12. Removal of Bees

There are three types of bees. The names are carpenter bees, honey bees, and bumble bees. So, if you want to keep them off from the home, then ensure to check every corner of your home at least a month. If the beehive is large, then make use of a pest control professional to eliminate the bees. And as prevention, you can paint all the wooden surfaces with latex or oil paint to avoid the bees building hives.

13. Silverfish

Mention the name and you get reminded of damaged books and photos. Usually, these insects are just 0.5 inches. Because of their shape and size, they can slither and reside in closets, attics and other dark places. Their food – starch. If needed, they can even eat wallpaper.

Check with the medical store. You can find mothballs which can keep them at bay. The other repellents are cloves and bay leaves.

The other best ways are to wrap books or photos in plastic sheeting and then seal them.

You can also dip pieces of paper in eucalyptus oil, and then leave them on spider infested areas. The perfume from the oil will act as a deterrent.



There is one factor, however. Although this article throws light on some pests, we have not included termites and bed bugs. The reason, they are tough to eliminate. For termites, if the infestation is severe, you need to hire a pest control expert. For example, you work as a mobile repair vendor with a firm which provides the best washing machine service in Bangalore in combination with a home appliance company. If you have a home in Mumbai and find signs of termite infestation, it is better to hire a termite control professional. So, the time has come to hire the company having the best technicians for pest control for termites in Mumbai. Do you know the short method? Well, just search for the best home appliance repair companies on the internet for Mumbai. Then download the app of the company, you can find the profiles of the company which have reputed pest control companies as its vendor. Hire a company executive to come to your home for an inspection. After the inspection, you can have a discussion and then give the approval for termite control treatment. Please note, that it is possible to prevent a termite attack with ease.

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