Food During Yoga Session- What Should We Eat And How?

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When it comes to relaxation, peace and to lessen down a chronic pain, you don’t have to visit any recreational center or see the doctor, as your home itself will help you to heal down all your problems.

All you need to bring out a yoga mat and have a very comfortable clothes and begin with the best yoga practice and meditation. Why everybody runs behind yoga is because it provides physical and mental health benefits, lower down the blood pressure and reduce insomnia.

Practicing yoga means a lot of movements and different postures, hence it may at some point of time put a strain on your body to perform these asanas. Also, it is not possible to eat a heavy meal to perform any kind of asanas, including- Suryanamaskar and even a child pose. If you really want to perform yoga for getting complete benefits, you will need to pay attention to your diet, before and after the session.

We all know the importance of food, it is not just to make us full, but play a very important role to make us healthy and active throughout the day.

While performing yoga or to make your body fit and healthy, it is important to concentrate on what you eat and if you are stuffing yourself with soft drinks, those cheesy burgers and pizzas, you can’t live a healthy life. Yoga is a holistic exercise, it not only heals and keeps your body healthy, but it also helps you to avoid food, which harms your body and slow down your mental abilities.

Yoga has been among one of the long lasting exercises performed by the yogis to keep themselves concentrated and healthy from the several years before. Yoga can be most appropriate medium to burn calories and strengthen muscles without any side effects. It is complete mind and body exercise that includes stretching different parts of our body through different yoga poses. There are so many different forms of yoga including hatha, vinyasa, bikram, and ashtanga in which you need to follow different diet schedule as prescribed by your yoga teacher.

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What to eat before Yoga?

If you are performing yoga exercises in the morning, it is vital not to take heavy, oily breakfast. It is always required to keep in mind to take light meal during the yoga to keep at bay unnecessary health problems doing yoga position.

Begin your day by eating fruits or having food which is rich in protein and vitamins, like oatmeal, yogurt, buttermilk, porridge, and dry fruits. This will make people feel light enough to do even the most difficult asanas for hours.

One should also consume food that contains carbohydrate with small quantities of protein, fat, or fibre to keep themself energetic during the exercise. Before yoga, opt for easily digestive food that helps to balance energy.

Having a good breakfast is necessary and not to be skipped otherwise you may feel weak or dizzy, hence do not try yoga with an empty stomach. Yoga in the evening means again you need to be very careful with your diet and have a light meal – steamed vegetables, salads, and other nutritious food one hour before joining the yoga session as it will keep you energized to perform all the postures easily.

Food to be taken after yoga Session

You should not eat anything just after practising yoga and it is better not to take water as well. Wait for some time and drink water after 30 minutes once you are done with yoga. Moreover, one can eat a bowl of steamed vegetables or fruits, yogurt, vegetable salads, boiled eggs, will help people to attain amazing health and wellness benefits. Also, avoid heavy supper, desserts, roast chicken, or everything else that makes you feel bloated and heavy.

Must know that practising yoga is not so easy as it may look, but with regular practice, having the right diet, and at the right time offers great benefits. A heavy meal is eaten just before the exercise will make you feel very uncomfortable, heavy and you unable to perform at all. Also, avoid drinking plenty of juice or water, as you may feel nauseous or have stomach cramps during yoga sessions. It is important to drink a small amount of water to stay hydrated and similarly having small bites time to time will give you more power to perform yoga sessions in a better and happier manner. So, must make up the healthy diet chart, will help you to be in shape and healthy. 

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