9 Benefits of Black Pepper and Its Essential Oil

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Black Pepper has been used in the ancient world by Greeks and Romans as spice and condiment to flavor broth, soup, and meat. It has also been known to have antiseptic qualities and strengthen immunity. Regular intake of Black Pepper has been recommended in Ayurveda, too. Modern medicine recognizes the health benefits of spices like Black Pepper and assures that it helps to keep the body warm and fight infections and common cold. The ingredient in Black Pepper, pepperin, is also known to have anticancer properties which makes it a well reearched spice in medical field.

The following benefits can be obtained from black pepper and its essential oils usage :

  1. Relieves Aches and Pains : The pain relieving components in Black Pepper essential oil helps in easing chronic pain and ache. The component helps in lowering down the pain causing agents.
  2. Aids Digestion : Black Pepper is a main component in aiding digestion because of this it is added in digestives. It lowers acidity and stomach pain. It is a natural acidity fighter and has no side effects.
  3. Lowers Cholesterol : High cholesterol is a common problem in today’s world since life has become stagnant due to a lack of physical activity. Black pepper consumption dissolves the fat cells and lowers the risk of heart attack caused due to cholesterol.
  4. Has Antiviral Properties : Black Pepper is a known antiseptic since it fights infection. It has been used as a main ingredient in Ayurvedic medications for allergies, infections, and communicable diseases.
  5. Lowers Blood Pressure : Adding black Pepper to your diet can effectively lower blood pressure by thinning the blood density. The flow of the blood becomes regular and hence results in lowered blood pressure.
  6. Exhibits Anticancer Activity : Black Pepper slows down the multiplication of cancer cells, according to various medical research. This is why, Oncology is concentrating on finding the causes and effects of black pepper so that it’s effect can be used in mediation.
  7. Eases Feelings of Anxiety and Cigarette Cravings : Black Pepper is also a good weapon while trying to quit smoking. Substance abusers are given black pepper to reduce anxiety and addiction habits.
  8. Helps Detoxify the Body : The pepperin in black pepper helps to detoxify the body which is why people sprinkle it on morning health drinks. Black pepper absorbs the unhealthy elements in the body and serves to remove it from the body, therefore acting as a detoxing agent.
  9. Helps control Diabetes : It has been mentioned in the Vedas that black pepper helps to lower the level of blood sugar and increase the production of insulin. It thereby is a great way to control sugar and people suffering from diabetes can certainly benefit from it’s regular usage.

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