5 things that couples should know before marriage

5 things that couples should know before marriage


  1. Support
  2. Care
  3. Good Listner
  4. Respct
  5. Personal Space

Life is short Enjoy while you still can and as they say “Life is like a bed of roses it have flowers and thorns too”.

Support: Your support is very important that means your partner expects you to support him/her where ever it is needed even if the whole world is aginst it, Your support can make even the biggest battel win. If it is a genuin reson for any decision they make it is your moral duty to support them it can make the biggest difference in the world.

Example: Your Faimily/Firends have planned an occasion and your partner have pormised someone else someting or for a good reson your partner is not ready and looking forward to postpone it, your support can be very important and life changing for both.

Care: show them that you care just keeping that care in your heart wont help show that you care and making them comfortable if possible share your thoughts about it take intrest help them out of some difficult situation.

Example: They are having hard time in their Job/Business thelling them you belive in them and if possible helping them over would be great.

Good Listner: Be a good listner even if there is no solution, just listining to their problems and having a person to share your feeling is really great.

Example: Your partner is going through a sticky family situation. you know that you cant help them but just by listining to them will help them cheer up and love you even more.

Respect: Respect and get respected is a two way thing. Respect him as your father and her like your mother will help you achive everlasting love and bond.

Example: Your parents starts complaining stuff about them showing confidence in their action and decision will help you gain their respect.

Personal Space: Giving them independence of their choice will improve their trust on you as they may have been limited throught their life and even if they hade it before it will help them easily adopt and be comfatable with you.

Example: Free choice of clothes or hair style or any thing personal will just make it right and even if you disagree with any thing you should let them know but it should be their personal choice to accept it or not, just dont force it on them.

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