Losing Weight Through Yoga


In the contemporary times, Yoga as an exercise form has gained acclaim and acceptance from all over the world. Celebrities, Actors, Actresses, Politicians, Elites are all proclaiming the benefits of Yoga practice. This has led to an incredible amount of advertising and thus, resulted in a spiked demand for Yoga instructors and Yoga courses. But what makes people give Yoga such high reviews? Yoga guru who provide  Yoga Teacher Training in India says: “The reasons why people are attracted to Yoga are as follows:

  1. Through regular practice, Yoga gives people a feel good factor and also a healthy metabolism, which in turn makes them enjoy a healthier life.
  2. Yoga will definitely give you results. Since all the poses of Yoga are designed to affect particular organ or muscle group therefore, it is easier to work upon the ones that you want to tone and firm.
  3. Unlike machine workout, Yoga doesn’t strain your body and therefore, doesn’t lead to muscle cramps after the first few days. On the contrary, it slowly strengths your muscles, so the pain or cramp is non-existent.
  4. Yoga needs no investment. You just need a peaceful environment and a mat. Unlike other practices that require costly gear and exercise dresses, Yoga is cheap and effective.”

These four reasons have gained Yoga massive popularity amongst all age groups and nationalities of people.

We interviewed many long term Yoga practitioners about their regime and the effectiveness of Yoga practice for losing weight. Here are a few questions and their answers from them:

Interview I  :

Interviewer  : Ms. Richa, How has long term Yoga practice helped you?

Richa : I’ve been practicing Yoga for almost a decade now and I began because I was diagnosed with obesity in my late teens. I tried dieting, going to a gym, skipping meals but nothing worked. Someone suggested Yoga and I gave it a try. I lost two kgs the first month and I didn’t look back. I have been practicing it regularly to keep my weight in check.

Interviewer : How did you learn Yoga?

Richa : I joined a group that practiced with an instructor at a nearby park. We meet early morning each day. The instructor guided me and now, even though I’ve learnt how to do the asanas, I still practice under his guidance.

Interviewer : Thank you Richa.

Interview II :

interviewer : Mr. Akash Garg, how did you begin Yoga?

Aakash : I work in the corporate sector. I have to sit at my desk and work for almost ten-twelve hours. Gradually, I started gaining weight. I’m only 25 years old but at someone’s wedding function someone asked if a random teenager was my son. I then realized that I look like a middle aged man. This was where I joined Yoga classes.

Interviewer : Was Yoga effective?

Aakash : Of course. I even began to eat right and it showed immediate results. My belly fat started reducing from the first month and within an year, I started looking like my former self. I also feel more active now.

Interviewer : What message will you give to starters?

Aakash : For new students, I’ll advise not to fall into the lure of costly Yoga wear or special mats but to invest that money in finding a good Yoga guru. Don’t buy a DVD and try to practice from there, it is not safe.

Interviewer : Thank you, Mr. Aakash.

As you can see, people have actually benefited from Yoga practice in losing obstinate belly fat and fighting obesity.

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